Integrated Marketing

Not every social media platform is right for every client, and not every radio station appeals to every listener. Not every business is open 24/7, so people search for goods and services on websites online. The marketing message that Bay Cities Interactive creates looks different for every client – so does the method to distribute that message. That’s the beauty of multi-media marketing integration. Our consultants will choose the media combination that achieves their goals. With radio commercials, we help you talk to the people you need to. With social media, we help you get your message to an engaged audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. With websites, we promote your brand 24/7/365.

Amplify Your Brand with Radio

Bay Cities Interactive combines the power of radio advertising, websites, and social media marketing. The radio audience of Bay Cities MultiMedia Center extends from Green Bay north to Iron Mountain and Escanaba, Michigan, hitting every community in between. Our five radio stations reach a broad listening audience.

Leverage the Power of Integrated Marketing 

Bay Cities Interactive leverages multiple channels to amplify your marketing message. We promote your brand on your social media platforms, on our Bay Cities Interactive digital pages, and on the air of our radio stations. Additionally, we direct the audience to your website to place an order, request a quote, or contact you. Here’s how Bay Cities Interactive integrates social media with radio and digital advertising:

  • Our graphic communications and marketing team creates engaging, brand-specific content on a monthly calendar. We combine copywriting and graphics to create messages in your voice and for your target market. Additionally, we can strategically post to your social media platforms.
  • We leverage Bay Cities radio stations as an influencer to further market your brand. To do this, we run campaigns in which the online, social media promotions and radio commercials feed off each other. As a result, your message hits the audience at different times and through different marketing channels. 
  • We funnel the audience to your website. Bay Cities Interactive partners with Packerland Websites to develop and maintain websites that create awareness, drive traffic, and generate conversions for your business or nonprofit organization. 

Let Us Handle the Marketing

Bay Cities Interactive ties radio, websites, and social media together into one integrated marketing equation. We help small and mid-sized businesses identify their target audience and create integrated marketing campaigns to get the results they need to grow their business. We handle the marketing, giving you time to handle everything else.

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